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Nursery services in Saintfield and Carryduff 

If you're in need of nursery services in Saintfield or Carryduff, getin touch with the team at Paddington Lodge Day Nursery today.  

The ideal environment for your child

Whether you child is a new born, toddler or in the pre-school age group, we have specifically designed areas in our premises that are designed to bring the best out of them. The three areas, namely, the baby room, toddler room and pre-school room, have lots of age-appropriate toys designed to stimulate the children and help them learn and develop. To find out more, talk to us today.

Some of the activities we promote

  • Playing with sand and water
  • Play dough
  • Role play
  • Songs, rhymes and stories
  • Arts and crafts
  • Gardening
  • Cooking and more

You can count on us

We understand the busy schedules most parents have,which is why we offer the children breakfast, and can pick them up and drop them off at school if required. 
If needed, we can also provide a healthy and nutritious snack and oversee their homework.

Our rooms

Babies room

Our baby unit has spacious and colourful rooms where babies are segregated by their stages of development rather than age. We have a sensory corner and a range of stimulating toys and also a walkers room for older babies who have just started to walk with age-appropriate toys.

Toddler room

The activities that we offer are designed to promote emotional, intellectual, physical, social and cognitive development. We have arranged four different rooms for the toddler/pre-school units with each one offering a range of activities and stimulating play equipment.

Pre-school room

Our older pre-school group experiences similar activities as the younger pre-schoolers. Most, if not all, of these children attend local nursery schools and this unit gives them and insight into the activities that await them when they eventually start school in P1.

After-school room

Our school-age children experience a wide range of activities both before and after school which we ensure they actively take part in planning. These include board games, sand and water play, computer, play dough, PlayStation and most importantly, outdoor play.
Saintfield Nursery:
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Paddington Lodge Day Nursery offers tailored nursery services in Saintfield and Carryduff.
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